Who Wins Tonight?

The Madness of March is almost over. Only one game remains.

Traditional powerhouse UNC vs. one-time Cinderella Gonzaga. The Zags used to be the bracket-busting mid-major, but those days are over. They boasted a number one seed and have only lost one game this year.

Both teams have beaten good teams to get here, and both are deserving of their title shot. Both teams have big players who are a big reason for their success. By big, I mean tall, and physical. The Zags can play two seven footers at the same time, while UNC led the nation in offensive rebounds per game, largely due to their size down low.

Of course it would be great to see a team like Gonzaga win a title. The underdog team from the less-storied program capitalizes on their shot to win. Except, in many places, they’re the favorite. The favorite without the experience.

UNC made it this far last year and lost on a heat-breaking, last-second three from Villanova.

They have the experience, and I think they win the title.

What do you think?

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