Wall Street Journal figures out what Tebow does better than anyone in the minors

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You might’ve heard by now that former Denver Broncos quarterback Tim Tebow has transitioned from the gridiron to the diamond. If you haven’t heard, he’s currently playing outfield for the New York Mets‘ A-ball affiliate located in the South Atlantic League. Tebow is hitting .230/.319/.369 so far — modest numbers that, frankly, are better than expected.

But while Tebow’s production won’t land him on any prospect lists or award ballots, he is the best at doing one particular thing. That thing, according to the Wall Street Journal? Hitting groundballs. Here’s Andrew Beaton:

Entering Monday, Tebow led the minor leagues with a 4.73 ground-ball to fly-ball ratio. Which means on his balls in play, he’s nearly five times as likely to dribble it on the ground than he is to hit it in the air. His rate is by far the highest of any of the 993 qualified minor leaguers at any level, according to FanGraphs.

Baseball is currently going through a flyball revolution — where batters are being encouraged to add loft to their swings in order to tap into their power. As such, Tebow’s groundball tendencies are at least as unwelcomed as they have been unproductive.

Such is baseball life for Tebow. Even when he’s the best at something, it’s not something you want to be the best at.

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