Steph Curry: Best Role Player Award

Last night, Klay Thompson finally came into form after scoring 60 points against the up and down Indiana Pacers.  He probably would have been able to sniff the 80’s had he not been pulled in the 4th quarter because of an absolute drudging of Indiana.

I sat here last year and wrote an article about how Russell Westbrook deserved the MVP over Curry.  Now I find myself sitting here again telling everyone why Curry has been relegated to the role of role player on a “firing on all cylinders” Warriors team.

Draymond gives you solid triple double type play, while adding another dimension critical to winning basketball games…bare with me now Warrior fans…DEFENSE!  Durant is a pure scorer who can also get you some rebounds here or there.  What does Steph Curry do?  Defense?  Nope.  A lot of assists?  Nope (down this year actually).  Rebounds?  Good try.  Steph is good at biting his mouth guard and throwing up the occasional made prayer.  Sure, when he gets the opportunity he makes buckets, but that’s all he does.  When matched up against Westbrook and Irving last year in the playoffs, he broke down and couldn’t stop them.  Shifts and double-teams were required in an attempt to make it look like Steph could guard these guys.  Steph may still be one of the many faces of the NBA right now, but I don’t buy it.

If there was an MVP race happening in the Warriors organization, Steph Curry is MAYBE finishing in 3rd place winning a set of new kitchen knives.  Steph needs to understand his role and help the team by raising his assist totals and working on something that truly matters in the playoffs.  Defense.  It’s the reason they lost last year and it will be their demise this year if he doesn’t get in line.

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