Nacho Libre thinks Jalen Ramsey is “number one”

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In 2005, the Arizona Cardinals and San Francisco 49ers played a regular season game in Mexico City in front of 103,467 fans at the world famous Estadio Azteca.  One particular fan in attendance that evening took a strong liking to American football.  That fan?  Nacho Libre.

Year-in and year-out, Estadio Azteca executives host an annual NFL Mock Draft Party to celebrate the popularity of the NFL in Mexico City.  The party typically includes an assortment of famous celebrities from Mexican television.  Nacho Libre has been one of the esteemed guests in attendance since its inception.

Fortunately for us, PC Sports was on hand to witness who the legendary luchador, Nacho Libre, thought the number one pick in the upcoming NFL Draft should be.  Libre was rather emphatic about his selection, Jalen Ramsey.  Party goers in attendance asked Libre to expand on his decision to select Ramsey with the number one pick.  The following was what transpired:

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