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Myles Garrett Plays Media Dodgeball

A lot of people are absolutely annihilating Texas A&M star Defensive End and projected top NFL pick Myles Garrett because he dodged an interview with ESPN SEC commentator Booger McFarland on ESPN’s flagship radio program Mike & Mike (Booger was replacing Golic that day).  I am not on the “dump mounds of shit” on Garrett bandwagon.

First of all, Booger McFarland, really bro?  If there is anyone who is pro “my team” more than Paul Finebaum it’s this douche.  LSU all the way.  You sacked my quarterback last year?  You suck.  You beat my team last year?  Fluke.  This is the same guy that’s been projecting Jamarcus Russell as 1st round talent since ‘nam.

These guys are paid to say whatever they want.  Everyone jumps on the Garrett bandwagon, so here is Booger’s chance to put in his two cents.  Good for Garrett for standing up for himself and saying, “Screw this clown, I don’t have anything to say to this guy.”  A lot of times, these draft prospects get hammered day in and day out by the likes of Todd McShay & Mel Kiper about why they suck and why teams shouldn’t take them; Garrett simply said, “nah bruh”.

So what’s the fall-out?  You hear a 20 second snippet of why Garrett didn’t want to converse with McFarland, meanwhile, ESPN and every other sports writing syndicate spends hours upon hours reaming this guy about why he’s such a baby and maybe he’s “not ready for the next level”.  Basically, David vs. Goliath.

Good for Garrett for sticking to his guns.  You are going to get hammered in the press, but that’s because you stood up the press.  That’s like you cheating on the police chief’s daughter; chances are you are going to see an increase in moving violations in your future.  I just hope he knows what he got himself into.  My prediction? Slow sports news day, makes the 2nd segment of PTI…get ’em Tony & Mike!

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