Most Interesting NBA Playoff Match-ups

The NBA Playoffs are now set. A month or two from now we should be watching the Cavs and the Warriors square off in the Finals again. With the Cavs limping into the playoffs, will that still happen?

Here’s a look at the first round series’ for each conference as well as the most interesting for each:

Eastern Conference

#1 Boston Celtics vs. #8 Chicago Bulls

#2 Cleveland Cavaliers vs. #7 Indiana Pacers

#3 Toronto Raptors vs. #6 Milwaukee Bucks

#4 Washington Wizards vs. #5 Atlanta Hawks

Most Intersting: Wizards vs. Hawks

Sure, it’s easy to pick the 4 vs. 5 match up. It should be the most evenly matched series. But I’m choosing this one because of what the Wizards COULD be. Because Cleveland tanked at the end, they wouldn’t face the Cavs in the second round. The Celtics are good, but they don’t have the experience that the Cavs have in the playoffs. But this isn’t a given for the Wizards, the Hawks are a decent team and will play well. Dwight Howard will fuck up in some way and John Wall will have a big series. Wizards in six.

Western Conference

#1 Golden State Warriors vs. #8 Portland Trailblazers

#2 San Antonio Spurs vs. #7 Memphis Grizzlies

# 3 Houston Rockets vs. #6 Oklahoma City Thunder

#4 LA Clippers vs. #5 Utah Jazz

Most Intersting: Rockets vs. Thunder

How can this not be the most interesting? The triple double machine vs. the beard. The match-up of the top two MVP candidates. But really, if anyone other than Westbrook wins the MVP it will be a travesty. The Rockets won 55 games this year and Harden has been fantastic; any other year he runs away with the MVP award. But it’s the playoffs now, two players with a history go at it in games that mean something. For some reason I think Westbrook has another gear and is about to do something special. The Rockets, however, score too much and will prevail. Rockets in 7.

Will we have a re-re-match in the Finals? Too soon to tell.


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