Mets Destroying Baseball

The New York Mets decided to do a minor-league style promotion today. Something fun that has very little to do with baseball. In fact, one could argue that it’s destroying the sport.

They trotted Tim Tebow out with a bunch of actual major league baseball players. Players like Curtis Granderson, Yoenis Cespedes, and Noah Syndergaard. Players who’ve made All-Star teams and won championships.

Tebow played the whole game, batting in the eighth spot and playing DH for the Mets.

How’d he do? He went 0-3 with 2 strikeouts. In the third at-bat, he grounded into a double play, yet somehow managed to bring in a run. A true Tebow miracle.

“I think I learned a lot of things,” said Tebow after the game. Like what Tim? How to look out of place? How to not get a hit in a game? Although, that’s a lesson that he’s learned well at baseball’s lower levels.

The Mets have already announced that Tebow will start the year in the minors, though no word on what level he’ll be playing.

Which makes this an easy ploy to sell tickets to meaningless games. In a way, it’s kind of brilliant marketing. Bringing throngs of jorts wearing Tebow fans in orange and blue to a spring game in Florida.

In a way, it’s also sad for baseball. Now having to resort to clever ploys like this for teams that aren’t the Yankees and Red Sox. Oh yea, the Cubs have a shitload of bandwagon fans now too.

It’s the equivalent of a sponsored post online, nothing practical or meaningful, but it feels so shiny and new.

The interesting thing will be to see how long Tebow tries this baseball revival. If he’s hitting sub .200 in the low levels of the minors, does he continue playing? He can get a good six or seven years out of being a “good locker room guy”. He got four years in the NFL.

One funny thing did happen. Tebow breached baseball etiquette prior to his first at-bat by walking to the Red Sox on-deck circle instead of heading straight out to home plate.

Rick Porcello, the reigning AL Cy Young winner, saw the mishap, but it didn’t bug him.

“I didn’t know who that was,” said Porcello. “I thought it was a ballboy. It didn’t bother me.”

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