McGregor Vs. Mayweather Will Never Happen

Reports have surfaced in the past few days that the Floyd Mayweather vs. Conor McGregor fight was close to being finalized.

Mayweather put a stop to those rumors saying earlier this week that he’s “happily retired”. This obviously didn’t make McGregor happy, as he sees his biggest pay day sailing away.


He took his anger out on Mayweather in an interview that will run in the Spring 2017 GQ. He had this to say about Mayweather’s status as a fighter.

“Yeah, yeah, yeah. That’s great. Except you use the term ‘fighting’ differently, because he’s not been fighting for 40 years. He’s been boxing for 40 years. There’s a big difference between boxing and fighting. Boxing is limited fighting with a specific rule set. Fighting is true, where you can do anything.”

He then takes a shot at Floyd’s tiny head.

“We’re talking about boxing. That’s it. But again, age waits for no man. He’s 40 years of age. He’s a little…he’s got a little head on him. Honestly, my fist is bigger than his head. I sleep people. I put people unconscious. I’m stating facts. If I hit that man, his head is gonna go into the bleachers. You understand that? If I crack that little head of his, it’s gonna go clean off his shoulders and up into the bleachers.”

That head comment is very vivid, and pretty funny. Mayweather does have a tiny head (and brain). But McGregor’s point is moot about fighting. The two would never square off in an MMA fight, so IF they ever did come to blows, it would be in a boxing ring, in a boxing match.

But that will never happen. Even though I feel Mayweather would whoop Conor even at his older age, there’s too much on the line for him. He’s undefeated, and he’s not going to risk that against such a wild card. Unless maybe, he gets over $100 million for the fight.

It would likely be the biggest money-making fight in history, combining the fan bases of boxing and MMA. But, alas, Mayweather will have to spend retirement time reading (hopefully) and McGregor will have to taunt another big name.

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