Layoffs Begin at ESPN

The “worldwide leader” is in trouble. People all over the world are cutting the cord and ditching cable.

Because of this, ESPN is losing thousands of subscribers. According to reports they lost almost 600,000 in the fourth quarter of last year alone.

To cut costs, ESPN began firing staff today. As many as

Deadspin has a running list of the layoffs to keep up with who’s getting the axe.

On-air personalities who leaped from the sinking mothership sure look pretty smart now. It really sucks to call a decision made by Skip Bayless smart, but, he’s spewing his garbage bullshit for a couple million a year.

ESPN is in trouble, and a hip-hop themed six o’clock SportsCenter anchored by Jemele Hill and Michael Smith won’t help.

These firings may free up some cash, but they don’t put any kind of dent into the money spent on rights to broadcast games. The money saved by the layoffs equals what…a quarter of a college football playoff game?

Other giants, including Amazon, are circling the waters with lots of money to spend.

Where’s Chris Berman’s name in all of this? Who likes that guy? He’s a dick, and everyone hates him.

ESPN is the large, slow, corporation that can’t keep up with smaller, faster sites and companies. They do, however, have a shit-load of rights to broadcasts that will keep them going for a long time.

But the crown is weary, and won’t be on the same head for long.

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