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No comments really, just this quote from LaVar Ball about three of the biggest shoe companies passing on endorsement deals for his son Lonzo.

From Darren Rovell, unfortunately not a job casualty at ESPN:

“An endorsement deal with Nike, Under Armour or Adidas is not in the cards for Lonzo Ball.

Ball’s father LaVar confirmed that the three shoe and apparel companies informed him that they were not interested in doing a deal with his son. Sources with the three companies told that they indeed were moving on. […]

In his meetings with the three, LaVar insisted that the company license his upstart Big Baller Brand from him. He also showed the companies a shoe prototype that he hoped would be Lonzo’s first shoe.

“We’ve said from the beginning, we aren’t looking for an endorsement deal,” LaVar told ESPN. “We’re looking for co-branding, a true partner. But they’re not ready for that because they’re not used to that model. But hey, the taxi industry wasn’t ready for Uber, either.””

Ok, so, one thing. Why the fuck would any of these companies and all of their billions of dollars want to “partner” with this asshat? He’s already shown that he won’t listen to anyone and is prone to racist remarks. Sure, let’s give him millions and a voice to reach more people.

Can this guy learn a lesson? Is he capable of that? I really don’t think he can. I love this move by these companies totally shutting him down.

Hey, remember that douche that spouted a bunch of shit about how great his kids are? Remember how insufferable he was? Let’s go buy his clothing brand….said no one ever.

Sit down and shut up LaVar.

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