I Now Hate Kyrie Irving

I know it’s taken a while for me to respond to this, but dammit, it had to happen.

Kyrie Irving made news earlier this week when he told reporters that “the earth is flat”. He told the “Road Tripping with RJ and Channing” podcast that as well. He believes this because some of what he was told in school was not true.

Kyrie Irving was trending on Twitter today because he believes the Earth is flat. I asked him about it.

Now, don’t get me wrong, Kyrie is a great player. He’s definitely entitled to his opinion. But the fact that he chose his platform to spout this garbage is deplorable.

As Charles Barkley said, he’s not a role model. But tell that to the average person who’s so caught up in how much money Irving makes and how many Instagram followers he has. They take this as credibility, they view him as a knowledgeable source. Many people see that he went to Duke, so they think he must be a smart guy. They don’t see that he went for one year, largely based on his basketball talent, and only played 11 games for the Blue Devils.

Now, I’m not saying Kyrie Irving is a dumb guy, just a dumbass. In this world of “fake news” and “alternate facts” it’s easy to copy and paste things that fit your narrative. In this case, he makes a passing comment without any facts supporting his beliefs.

The logic here doesn’t hold up at all. Just because one thing you were told was false, does not mean you can make the jump to the highest levels of science and hold that to the same standard. These flat-earth fucks should have died of some long cured disease in the 16th century.

The problem is that there’s just enough “truth” (ignorance) for people to believe that this is a giant conspiracy. You have yoga teachers on YouTube claiming the earth is flat, they even have 200 points to back it up, all of which are based on bullshit things like…the horizon always looks flat. What’s to gain from this “conspiracy” anyways? Who benefits from this? Those damn round earth photo sellers, that’s who. Selling their round earth photos all over the flat world, it’s gotta be a trillion dollar industry.

I’m so sick of people spouting this shit, saying Dinosaurs never existed, and then looking at you like YOU’RE crazy when you tell them they’re full of shit. Here’s an idea…all of the “flat-earthers” out there, take a long walk off the side of this flat earth.

If you don’t want to do that, learn physics and listen to people who know what they’re talking about. Also, don’t trust pro athletes for your opinions on these types of issues.

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