Fox Really Wants You To Watch Undisputed

If you’ve watched the World Series this year, chances are you’ve seen a spot or 50 for Skip Bayless’ new show “Undisputed”.

You may have also noticed the new marketing term behind it. “America’s Fastest Growing Sports Show”. Maybe they should qualify that a little more. “America’s Fastest Growing Mid-Morning Mixed Race Debate Style Sports Show” wouldn’t quite fit on the promo shot.

FS1 will do anything to take a bite out of ESPN’s monopoly of sports shows. They’re actually not doing that badly, in fact, Undisputed has a intro song by Rap superstar Lil’ Wayne.

I got about 10 seconds before his whiny voice got to me and I realized it sounded exactly like every other Lil’ Wayne song. And why is Lil’ Wayne so tied to Skip Bayless? Did Skip witness Wayne committing a crime? The only way he would swear he wouldn’t tell was to constantly go on his show?

What other “superstars” does Undisputed have? How about totally hip and relevant Rapper Nelly! Offering his take on…yawn…Colin Kaepernick.

That video was posted yesterday. Not months ago when this started…yesterday. This topic is undisputedly boring as fuck. Nelly actually went on the show to request a short-term, unsecured loan from Skip Bayless. We’re told it didn’t work out….but Nelly intro song coming soon!

I don’t hate many people, but I fucking hate Skip Bayless. I hate all of these tired, played-out, sports debaters who’ve become caricatures of themselves.

Hey Skip, get in another Tebow reference, get in another reference to a Texas sports team nobody gives a fuck about. Tell us again what you think about Johnny Manziel.

Do us all a favor, don’t watch Undisputed, don’t even watch First Take. Read PC Sports 🙂

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