Does LeBron James know something we don’t about how Warriors were formed?

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Adding Kevin Durant to a Warriors team that already owned the NBA record for wins is likely the most significant free agent signing in NBA history. That, we know.

But LeBron James claims that there is something we don’t know about the way the Warriors were formed. He’s not willing to talk about it yet, but he said that in time he would reveal his intimate knowledge. James was asked if people view the way the Warriors were formed as different than the way other great teams were put together.

“Well, I can see it from both sides,” James said to the media on Sunday. “Not going to exactly give you my opinion on how I can see it from both sides. I will at some point in my career. I’m not at that point right now because I know what I say kind of gets — people take it the wrong way. So I have my opinion on how people see it from both sides, and I have pretty good knowledge about it. So a few years from now I’ll tell you how I really feel about the whole situation.”


OK, most of those probably are pretty unlikely, but you never know. James seems to know some next-level NBA conspiracy stuff, so you know it has to be good.

Hopefully in a few years he keeps his word and divulges his secret, whatever it may be.

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