Calvin Johnson says he was “stuck”; in Detroit, Lions had no chance at Super Bowl

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Although time is supposed to heal all wounds, it apparently hasn’t done anything for the relationship between Calvin Johnson and the Detroit Lions.

Sixteen months after announcing his retirement from football, Johnson still sounds kind of bitter about the way his NFL career ended, and that’s mainly because it doesn’t seem like he was happy about being stuck in Detroit for the entirety of his nine-year career.

During a recent interview with FIDAF-TV in Italy, Johnson was asked if he ever thought about playing for another team.

“I thought about it,” Johnson said. “I was stuck in my contract in Detroit, and they told me they would not release my contract so I would have to come back to them.”

Saying he was “stuck” in Detroit makes it absolutely sound like he wanted out.

Since Megatron couldn’t get out of his contract, he took advantage of the only option he had: He retired.

“I didn’t see a chance for [the Lions] to win a Super Bowl at the time, and for the work that I was putting in, it wasn’t worth my time to keep on beating my head against the wall, and not going anywhere,” Johnson said.

The former Lions receiver then added that staying in Detroit and playing for a team that never competes to win Super Bowls would’ve been the “definition of insanity.”

Johnson hasn’t really had anything nice to say about the Lions since announcing his retirement back in March 2016. Back in May, Johnson said that he’s had a rough 16 months dealing with the team because they mistreated him after his retirement.

In laymen’s terms, that means Johnson is still upset about the fact that he had to pay the team back more than $1 million after he retired, and that bitterness is a big reason Johnson won’t be returning to football.

If Johnson did return to the NFL, he’d be under contract with the Lions, which is exactly why he’ll never be coming back, something that he openly admitted during his interview after he got asked a question about the return of Marshawn Lynch.

“He’s in a great situation,” Johnson said of Lynch. “If I was to keep playing, I had to play in Detroit and it just wasn’t for me anymore.”

Of course, being stuck in Detroit isn’t the only reason Johnson retired. The receiver also said that the beating his body was taking every season factored into his decision.

“I’m not coming back to play. [It took] too much of a toll on my body while I played,” Johnson said. “I had fun while I did it and I left it all out their on the field. I’m tapped out.”

Now that he’s retired, Johnson doesn’t expect the Lions to get to a Super Bowl anytime soon, but he does think that it will eventually happen.

“At some point, they’ve got to make it,” Johnson said. “I don’t know when. At some point.”

If the Lions do make ever make it to the Super Bowl, it doesn’t sound like Megatron will be there to celebrate with them
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