Breaking News! This just in: LaVar Ball is still a huge douche

Not wanting to disappoint anyone, LaVar Ball continued his parade of douchebaggery (spell-check says that isn’t a word, but I’m going to make an exception here) by backpedaling on his previous comments regarding his son Lonzo’s teammates at UCLA, specifically the “3 white guys” who’s “foot speed is too slow.”

Today he tried to recover by saying that his words were twisted up, saying “I’m not saying I don’t like white guys and we lost because of them.”

Uhhh. What?

That was exactly what he was saying. By the way, I don’t think you’re allowed to play the race card twice, and he already did by calling out his son’s teammates in the first place. I also don’t think anyone said he doesn’t like why guys, so why is he trying to manipulate the situation (something children do, meanwhile his children seem to act more mature than him) and try to turn this into a pity party for himself. Saying after the fact that he “love(s) those guys” and talking about how respectful they are to him is disgusting. If they’re so nice and such good kids, why try to throw them under the bus like that?

No one who is any kind of professional or serious business person just says whatever the hell they want and then turns around and denies saying it. That’s just simply not how things work. Not if they want to have any credibility, or for anyone to take them seriously.

His sons are probably too scared to say it to him, but he needs to chill. He’s reaching and trying too hard to be sensational, and the result is just embarrassing. It’s one thing to blame someone else for the loss, but to call out people and mention their race and some perceived deficiency associated with that is beyond immature and lame. His kid got owned and lit up for 39 points and he’s trying to divert attention to help his brand and his son’s draft status.

This dude is a piece of shit, and a racist one at that. People say he’s just looking out for his family, but to some extent it really seems like he’s trying to exploit his children for the sake of financial gain. This just shows that he’s willing to do whatever it takes in order to make headlines and get people talking about him. He may be taking care of his family, but he could do it in less of a scumbag type of way.

People will try to downplay and trivialize this, and try to act like it’s just some one-off situation. Next thing he’ll be talking about is “ask so and so about me, ask them if I’m racist” and trying to cover for himself even more.

I bet he’ll definitely get a pass for this and the whole thing will blow over because of ratings and money, that’s how the world works these days.

It doesn’t make it any better, or him any less of an asshole.

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