Breaking News: Cleveland Trades With Rams for #1 Pick

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Cleveland Browns GM Sashi Brown confirmed a trade with the L.A. Rams for the first pick in the upcoming NFL Draft.  The ink had yet to dry on the blockbuster trade that sent the number one pick to L.A. from Tennessee before Brown backed the bus up for a shot at Carson Wentz.

The Browns will not confirm whether or not they plan on signing Wentz prior to the draft.  One can only speculate based on their strong draft history that the big North Dakota State gunslinger will be their quarterback of the future.

PC Sports reached out to current Browns HC Hue Jackson for comment; he had this to say, “It’s a coin toss right now between Carson Wentz and Chuckie Keeton.  We’re doing our homework right now on both prospects, but what I can tell you is that either one of these fine gentlemen will be a tremendous asset to the Cleveland Browns organization.”


The Trade


Cleveland Receives: 

2016 Round 1 – No. 1


L.A. Receives:

2016 Round 1 – No. 2

2016 Round 2 – No. 32

2016 Round 7 – No. 223

2017 Round 1 – No. n/a

2017 Round 2 – No. n/a

2018 Round 1 – No. n/a

2018 Round 6 – No. n/a

2019 Round 1 – No. n/a

2019 Round 2 – No. n/a

2020 Round 1 – No. n/a

2020 Round 7 – No. n/a

2021 Round 1 – No. n/a

2021 Round 4 – No. n/a

2022 Round 1 – No. n/a

2022 Round 5 – No. n/a

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