Best Craft Beer For the Holiday Weekend

This may not be all about sports, but it’s definitely about something that pairs well with sports. Craft beer.

Since this is an American holiday, many people will argue you need an American beer like Budweiser or Pabst. Don’t listen to them. If you really like those beers I’d be happy to have my roommate’s dog piss in your mouth, it’s the same thing.

Most good craft beer these days is undeniably American. It’s brave, it’s wholesome, and it’s way higher in alcohol content than the previously mentioned piss beer.

So what’s the best for the weekend?

Since summer is in full effect, go with a refreshing Kolsch.

A Kolsch is a German-style beer. It is a clear, top-fermented beer with a bright, straw-yellow hue similar to other beers brewed from mainly Pilsener malt.

Kölsch is warm fermented at around 13 to 21 °C (55 to 70 °F), then conditioned by lagering at cold temperatures. It’s known for its light color and light to medium body taste with high carbonation. Wikipedia is great.

Bust one out poolside, you can thank me later. This style of beer may be hard to find in your local grocery store or gas station, but a trip to ABC or Total Wine will do the job.

Plus, there are some sports on this weekend. Baseball goes great with beer, as does golf…and a nap.

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