Behold, the tale of a fan who says an errant Tebow throw konked him in the biscuits

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Former NFL quarterback and current Mets outfield prospect Tim Tebow is making good progress at the plate for the low Class-A Columbia Fireflies and   might be in line for a promotion  up the organizational ladder at some point reasonably soon. Skills growth aside, Tebow apparently remains capable of occasional baseball chaos. Here are the deets from Kirsten Fleming of the New York Post

The God-fearing athlete threw a baseball that accidentally hit a New Jersey man right in the family jewels.

“They were warming up and throwing in front us, and I wasn’t paying attention,” said Doug Brustman, who brought his 13-year-old daughter to see her idol play.

“I hear this guy behind me yell, ‘Watch out,'” said Brustman. “And as he’s yelling, the ball comes right through the railing and hits me right in the nuts. It was a direct hit.”

To reiterate, Tim Tebow threw a baseball, and said baseball assailed a paying customer in the rascal basket — or at least that’s what the paying customer says. At the very least, Mr. Brustman got a signed Tebow baseball out of the deal, per Fleming’s story. The question that dangles before us: Is a biscuit-ache worth it if you get an autographed implement of pain out of the deal?

Opinions will vary.

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