Awkward Sports Kisses for Valentine’s Day

Get ready for the Facebook posts, the Instagram posts, and pretty much any other social media site. I think Tom from MySpace is even getting in on it.

Every post talks about the love they have for one another. Nothing better than fake love posts on a made up holiday.

Obviously I’m single, so I don’t buy into this BS. But one thing I do love, is good old fashioned awkward kisses. Especially when they’re sports related, here are some of the best.

The list has to start with Broadway Joe. This kiss didn’t happen, but not because he didn’t want it to.

The kiss attempt, the three syllable pronunciation of struggling. It’s super awkward.

Next up, 50 trying to race in for a kiss.

Erin is a pro, keeps it moving while ducking the awkward kiss.

Next up, who says that nobody likes Roger Goodell? Dontari Poe sure does…he really likes him.


Brotherly love is good right? Well, the Pouncey brothers put a new spin on that on draft day.

And last, but certainly not least, is the kiss cam. The go-to for “awww” moments at any sporting event…or “awww-kward”.

Props to the guy with the fake proposal, that’s well done.

Happy Valentine’s day everyone. You’re keeping the chocolate and card companies in business for another year.

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